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International Trust Services B.V.

Once you have come to the decision that you wish to incorporate a company in the Netherlands, you are aware of the reputation the Netherlands have on the area of establishing an international holding, the network of tax treaties and internal tax advantages such as the participation exemption.

International Trust Services B.V. (I.T.S.) is a trust-company known for its clear and personal service at competitive rates. Connected to I.T.S are consultants that have established a well-known reputation in the trust-industry for several years already.

I.T.S. disposes over a trust license issued by the Dutch National Bank and is consequently subject to supervision of the Dutch National Bank based on the Supervision of Trust Offices Act (per 1 March 2004). Hence I.T.S. is included in the Dutch National Banks’ public register.

Apart from an extensive experience in providing legal consultancy to quite a variety of  companies, I.T.S. has established excellent contacts with a network of different service oriented professionals such as tax- and legal consultants, notaries, registered auditors, banks and HRM consultants.

I.T.S. provides services on the field of

  • company formation services,
  • corporate services
  • administrative/secretarial services
  • accounting services
  • board/domicile

Coordination of the entire incorporation process and ascertaining that all legal, tax and administrative aspects are carefully observed is a service I.T.S. has been taking care of with a backbone of knowledge and extensive experience.

I.T.S. is able to provide its services in a variety of languages, such as Dutch, English, German, Italian, Finnish and Russian. Please contact us for more information.

For more information please contact us at +31 10 265 19 90, R.A.M. Knoops ( ramknoops@internationaltrustservices.com )